Rewanchal Express 12186 train schedule

Runs Daily
No Pantry Car
Class - 1A 2A 3A SL

Rewa to Bhopal Rewanchal Express 12186 train schedule cloud_download

Halt Avg. Delay* Day Distance Platform
1 Rewa
( REWA )
1 0 km 1
2 Satna
( STA )
1 49 km 1
3 Unchhera
( UHR )
1 70 km 2
4 Maihar
( MYR )
1 85 km 2
5 Katni
( KTE )
1 148 km 3
6 Damoh
( DMO )
2 259 km 1
7 Patharia
( PHA )
2 285 km 1
8 Saugor
( SGO )
2 336 km 2
9 Khurai
( KYE )
2 388 km 1
10 Bina Jn
( BINA )
2 410 km 1
11 Mandi Bamora
( MABA )
2 428 km 2
12 Ganj Basoda
( BAQ )
2 456 km 2
13 Vidisha
( BHS )
2 495 km 3
14 Bhopal Jn
( BPL )
2 549 km 1
15 Habibganj
( HBJ )
- N.A 2 555 km 5
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.
Platform no. is indicative only. Please re-check platform info at the station before boarding train.

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Rewanchal Express 12186 route

Rewanchal Express starts from Rewa (REWA) at , reaches Satna (STA) at , Katni (KTE) at , Damoh (DMO) at , Saugor (SGO) at , Bina Jn (BINA) at , Vidisha (BHS) at and Bhopal Jn (BPL) at . It arrives at Habibganj on second day at . It stops at 13 stations in its route between Rewa and Habibganj. Passengers use 12186 Rewanchal Express to travel mostly from Rewa to Bhopal, Satna to Bhopal and Katni to Bhopal.

About Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Bhopal, the city of lakes, was named Bhojpal initially after their ruler of the reign Bhoja and pal meaning dam as this ruler created several dams surrounding the numerous lakes that are still there in the city. The city has some of the finest institutions pertaining to science, forestry, architecture, law and fashion industry. The city has numerous museums, Masjids, Mahals and other tourist attractions. Bhopal is served by Raja Bhoj airport located 15 kms north-west of the Bhopal city. It is considered to be one of the best connected cities in terms of railway routes.
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