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Steps to Get Full Refund on Cancellation
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1.   How will it work?
2.   What is the amount that I will receive as a refund, if I have opted for
“Free Cancellation” ?
3.   Is “Free Cancellation” available for all classes and trains ?
4.   How many hours prior to the train departure do I need to cancel my booking?
5.   When does the train chart get prepared?
6.   How will I receive the claim amount under “Free Cancellation”?
7.   How many days does it take for the refund to be credited, once I cancel my train booking ?
8.   Will I get a full refund if I cancel the booking?
9.   What will happen in case the train gets cancelled?
10.   What will happen in case the train gets diverted/terminated/partially cancelled?
11.   What will I get as a refund when a waitlisted ticket booked under “Free Cancellation” is automatically cancelled after charting?
Terms & Conditions
1.   Free Cancellation Terms & Conditions
2.   Trainman Terms & Conditions
Disclaimer - Trainman is in no way affiliated to Indian Railways, therefore some times, the information shown may not be accurate. Trainman also does not claim 100% accuracy on any prediction done for waitlisted tickets.
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