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Indian Railway Live Train Running Status

The Indian Railways established a system to track the exact location of a passenger train called a live train status check. It includes the projected arrival time, the names of upcoming stations, and the expected departure time, making it one of the easiest and fastest ways to check train status.
The ability to follow GPS-enabled trains in real-time has made travel more convenient.

Trainman provides additional information such as real-time delays, your boarding platform number, and the last-reported position when you check the train status. You can also share your train's live running status with other people via the Trainman trains app(available for both iOS and Android).

Find where is Your Train with Trainman?

Trainman helps you track the location of your train in real-time. All you need to do is enter your train name/number, and you can easily track the live location of your train. It also provides other helpful information like estimated arrival time, scheduled departure time, and station list. So next time you wonder where your train is, make sure to visit Trainman.

Trainman Train running status or Spot your train service can be used to verify the live train status of Indian Railways. Train current location, last departed station, train delay, and projected arrival or departure time at a station are all examples of live information that are tracked easily with the Trainman train ticket booking website.

Calling Indian railways for train status would result in busy dial tones due to the 23 million people that commute on a daily basis. With, you can easily and quickly check the train real-time status and properly locate your train.

The National Train Enquiry System (NTES) makes this possible by tracking train movements and sharing data via websites, helplines, mobile apps, railway inquiry counters, and station display boards.

What is live train running status?

Live train running status tells the current train status along with the delay information. It also tells the expected time of departure and arrival at stations where the train is yet to arrive. It is a vital information for passengers who want to travel by Indian Railways as there is a high chance of train getting late.

NTES(National Train Enquiry System)

The NTES is an acronym for National Train Enquiry System. It's a system run by the Indian Railways that allows passengers to access real-time train timetable information. Spot Your Train, Live Station, Train Schedule, Cancelled Trains, Rescheduled Trains, Diverted Trains, and Trains Between Stations are some of the features included.

Live train tracking is beneficial since it provides you with the exact location of a train in real-time, eliminating the guesswork from your trip plans. Knowing the current train status will help you plan a hassle-free journey, whether you're using our website or signing into the Trainman app.

Trainman- Live Train Running Status With Highest Accuracy and Real-Time Updates

Booking an train ticket online and getting a confirmed ticket isn't the end of the journey. A lot depends on your railway booking and the ticket you have until you get to your desired destination on time. Trainman live running status provides services to give those anticipating your visit a live update on your train's running condition, making life easier for passengers and their family and friends. And you can only determine whether or not your train will reach the desired destination on time based on its real departure time and where it is now stationed with utmost accuracy.

Our Trainman app is the highest rated train ticket booking app that can give an insight on the current position of the IRCTC train, its actual departure time vis-a-vis its touted departure time, the stations and distance it has covered till now, and when is it expected at the next prominent station, and accordingly provide an expected arrival time to the destination station.

Check the train status with Trainman to see where you're going. We serve our customers with up-to-the-minute information and precise statistics, making us the most reliable source of the live running status check. Traveling by train may be a thrilling experience that gives a surge of adrenaline. After all, who wants to miss out on an excursion with breathtaking scenery? You can now accurately check the train's running status online before making any moves, thanks to the internet.

We take pride in being the most dependable and user-friendly online train ticket booking website that allows you to precisely and easily check the condition of your train. Trainman has provided all Indian Railway passengers with the quickest means to obtain the most up-to-date real-time running status information and track their train even without any internet.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Important Live Running Status Questions Answered

1. How to check train live running status?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to check the live train running status-

  • Download the trainman app for iOS and Android or visit our website

  • Find and Click on the Train Live Running Status on the homepage

  • Enter your train's 5-digit number in the search box. Trainman's auto function assists in quickly recommending the train for which the user desires to view the live train status.

  • Now, select your boarding station or date you want to check your live train status.

  • You will be able to see the scheduled arrival-departure time and actual arrival-departure time along with the current delay status of your train.

  • That's it!! You can now spot your train every time you book your online ticket online via Trainman

How to Check on Mobile App-

Running status buttonEnter train code/nameRunning status page

How to Check on Website -

Running status button
Enter train code/name
Running status page

2. Why choose Trainman live running status?

Your time is valuable, and every second of it counts. As a result, what better way to keep track of time could there be? When you track the train status via Trainman, you will receive real-time updates on where your train is and when it is due to arrive. If it is delayed, you can plan your transportation to the railway station appropriately. We use data from the National Train Enquiry System (NTES) for this purpose at Trainman; as a result, users can check the train status updates on a frequent basis.

  • Time management is one of the difficulties that passengers face when traveling by train. You may not be able to arrive at your boarding station on time unless you are aware of the live train running status. Knowing the running status allows you to avoid arriving too early or too late at your separate boarding locations.

  • You can even check your train running status offline with our Trainman app. No need to worry about having unlimited data packs now when you can simply spot your train offline with the trainman app.

  • You can improve your trip planning knowing the live running status of the train for which you have purchased tickets allows you to better plan your trip based on changes in the projected arrival time at the destination station.

So, now that you understand the advantages of live train running status, download the Trainman online ticket booking app or go to our website to check your train status.

3. How to check offline train running status?

Trainman android app now gives running status in offline mode also. A passenger sitting inside train can avail this facility where in train live status is calculated by location of user's device. Offline mode is not only more accurate but also saves data and battery on user's device.

4. What makes Trainman Live Running Status check more accurate?

Trainman running status updates on mobile are significantly more accurate because they are obtained from the mobile GPS or cell tower of the devices shared by our users. The traditional Indian railway mechanism for train running status is based on information from the previous stop, which is delayed and subject to human error.

5. Why do users need to check the current train running status frequently on the date of the journey?

It is vital to save time when waiting for your train or reserving a taxi once you get to your destination. The Trainman app updates the live status of the train every minute even in offline mode. As a result, we urge that our users check the status updates on a regular basis. As the train approaches the predicted time of arrival, the running status information gets more accurate. This knowledge allows you to save time and plan more effectively!

6. How is delay or on-time information calculated for a running train?

The Indian Railways calculates a train's delay or on-time status based on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) at the next stop. As an example, if a train is running 60 minutes late at Trainman, it signifies that the train is expected to arrive 60 minutes late at its next arrival stop. However, it can compensate for this delay on the remaining stations. As a result, we advise our users to check the projected time of arrival (ETA) at all upcoming stations as well as the train's running status from time to time.

7. What is train past running status?

Train Running History is a set of prior running records for a certain train that may be used by Indian Railways passengers to analyze the performance of a train over a specific period of time.

8. How can a train past running status help me?

The train past status could be used to help you determine which train to take for your route. For example, if you are planning to travel between New Delhi and Mumbai in the winter, you can use the train's past running status by entering the train number and selecting the winter season dates from last year to learn about the performance of any specific train during the winter.

9. What are ETA and ATA?

Some most frequently used terms in Live train status are:

  • ETA and ETD: Expected/Estimated Time of Arrival and Expected/Estimated Time of Departure.

  • ATA and ATD: These terms mean Actual Time of Arrival and Actual Time of Departure.

  • RT: Right Time, without any delay

  • PF: Expected Platform

  • UA: Update Awaited

  • CNC: Canceled at this station

10. Why can't I get my Train live running status?

This typically happens in two scenarios.

  • When the train you have queried for doesn't run on the given date.

  • You have entered the train number, or perhaps name, incorrectly.

11. Which date should I select while checking Train Running Status?

You must pick the date on which the train left its origin station. For example, if your train's scheduled departure date is today but it left the source station yesterday, you should select yesterday's date to precisely monitor the train.

12. How can I check if my train is rescheduled?

To find out if your train has been postponed, go to the Trainman website or app and search for your train name and number. Passengers can obtain this information regarding the live running status of their train at any time. This information covers the exact position as well as the most recent information about any train.

13. What is the train inquiry number for Railways?

The Indian Railways' train inquiry number is 139. Rail Madad is an integrated hotline that delivers train information to callers from all around the country.

14. Can a train be canceled?

Under unavoidable circumstances, the train might be canceled. One can check under the running status or seat availability feature of Trainman if the train is canceled or not. Under such scenarios, a train ticket booking on IRCTC is automatically canceled and the entire booking amount is refunded back. No need for users to file TDR in such cases.

15. Can I cancel my confirmed ticket if my train is running very late and I don't want to undertake the journey?

Yes but only if the train is running late by more than 3 hours. If the user does not want to undertake the journey he/she can cancel the ticket or file TDR before the actual departure of the train from the passenger boarding station. In this case, the entire amount will be refunded back including the clerkage charges. This is also applicable for confirmed tatkal tickets.

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