Live Train running status enquiry

  • What is live train running status?

    Live train running status tells the current train status along with the delay information. It also tells the expected time of departure and arrival at stations where the train is yet to arrive. It is a vital information for passengers who want to travel by Indian Railways as there is a high chance of train getting late.
  • What is NTES?

    NTES, also known as National Train Enquiry System, provides information about train running status like expected arrival, departure of trains at each stopping station, train schedule information, train delay status, information about cancelled trains, diverted trains, and platform number at which the train usually comes.
  • How can one check train live status?

    User need to enter train number in above input box then click on "check running status" button. Then on details page select the station for which they want to check running status on Trainman running status page. They can then see the scheduled arrival-departure time and actual arrival-departure time along with current delay status of train. One can also check this information on ntes train enquiry site -
  • How can I check train status live on my phone without internet connection?

    Trainman android app now gives running status in offline mode also. A passenger sitting inside train can avail this facility where in train live status is calculated by location of user's device. Offline mode is not only more accurate but also saves data and battery on user's device.
  • Can a train be cancelled?

    Under unavoidable circumstances, the train might be cancelled. One can check under running status or seat availability feature of Trainman if the train is cancelled or not. Under such scenarios, ticket booked on IRCTC is automatically cancelled and entire booking amount is refunded back. No need for user to file TDR in such cases.
  • Can I cancel my confirmed ticket if my train is running very late and I don't want to undertake the journey?

    Yes but only if the train is running late by more than 3 hours. If user does not want to undertake the journey he/she can cancel ticket or file TDR before actual departure of train from passenger boarding station. In this case entire amount will be refunded back including the clerkage charges. This is also applicable for confirmed tatkal tickets.
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