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Indian Railway Train Coach Position

If you're looking for a coach position, you've come to the perfect place. The majority of individuals have trouble determining the exact location of the coach from the engine. Because train coaches are interconnected, most passengers board the train in other coaches and then inquire about the correct coach. While doing so, they must also transport their bulky bags. They must walk alongside several coaches before finding the correct one. What if passengers are advised in advance of the railway coach's location? They will be able to wait in the proper spot on the platform and board the correct coach without difficulty.

As a result, it removes the inconvenience of people having to walk alongside many coaches, potentially bothering other passengers. Despite the fact that the Indian Railways notifies the train's arrival on a regular basis, it is the responsibility of passengers to discover the correct train coach status and position. Furthermore, travelers must discover the train coach status when the train arrives on the platform in order to board easily.

When travelers receive a confirmed ticket, they are issued a PNR status along with other information by SMS and email. The ticket includes the passengers' information as well as the train coach position and seat number. Hundreds of trains travel across the country every day, traversing the whole length and breadth of the country. A set number of coaches are linked to each train alongside a railway engine.

The number of carriages varies for each train, however it is usually equal to or greater than 20. You should be familiar with the numerous coaches available on a train before purchasing a railway ticket for your journey. You may learn about the coach layout arrangements of different trains using the Indian Railway coach position.

Trainman Train Coach Position

While preparing the final reservation plan for trains, Indian Railways decides on coach slots. These reservation charts are made two or three hours before the train's actual departure time from the source station. By entering your needed train number or train code on the Trainman app or the website anyone can check train coach location and seat layout of any train in Indian Railways. A list of coaches for your train appears, which are organized according to the coach's engine. To comprehend the seat layout of that railway coach location, one can select their allotted coach.

It is critical to understand the train coach positions and designations before purchasing a ticket for your trip. You may discover the seamless checking of train coach positions on the Trainman app. Our app eliminates the need to visit the website to obtain information such as the train table, berth, and seat calculator, among other things. For example, you can see the current ticket status, passenger details, coach details, and so on using the PNR status and coach position.

How to Check on Mobile App-

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How to Check on Website -

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Classification of Indian Coaches

The Indian Railways has a variety of train coaches, with different seat/berth layouts depending on the ticket price. For example, AC classes in trains are called premium classes and provide optimum comfort to customers when commuting. On the other hand, they are the classes that offer premium-priced seats and berths. Then there's the budget class, known as 2S seating, which doesn't burn a hole in passengers' pockets but is often crowded and uncomfortable. Due to the fact that this is an unconfirmed class, travelers are given seats on a first-come, first-served basis.

Train coach position- All train coaches in Indian railways

  • 1A : First class air-conditioned - Coaches are numbered H1, H2, HA1, HA2, HB1, HB2 etc.

  • 2A : Air-conditioned 2-tier sleeper - Coaches are numbered A1, A2, A3

  • FC : First class. Same as 1A without AC - Coaches are numbered F1, F2, F3 or FC1, FC2

  • 3A : Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper - Coaches are numbered B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 etc.

  • 3H : High-capacity air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper - Coaches are numbered L1, L2

  • 3E : Economy 3 tier Air conditioned Sleeper found only in Durunto - Coaches are numbered 3E1, 3E2, 3E3 etc.

  • CC : Air-conditioned chair-car. - Coaches are numbered C1, C2, C3

  • CH : High-capacity version of the air-conditioned chair-car class - Coaches are numbered M1, M2

  • EC : Executive Class, or First Class Air-conditioned chair-car - Coaches are numbered E1, E2, E3

  • SL : Sleeper class - Coaches are numbered S1, S2, S3 etc

  • SH : High-capacity (81 berths) sleeper class - Coaches are numbered N1, N2

  • 2S : Second class Sitting or Normal Chair-car - Coaches are numbered D1, D2, D3

  • SLR : SLR stands for Seating cum Luggage Rake. The Compartments are divided into two:One of sitting portions,and another for Luggage.

  • GS : General seating. Anybody can travel in this coach with a general ticket(general fare). Its unreserved i.e. the seats cannot be booked prior to journey through internet or any reservation booking office.

Train Coach Position Inquiry- Important Questions Answered

1. How can I check the Coach Position of a train?

One can check the coach position and seat layout of any train in Indian Railways by entering your desired train number or train code on the box above. List of coaches appears for your train which are arranged with respect to the engine of the coach. One can select their allotted coach to know the seat arrangement of that coach.

The reservation charts are prepared by Indian Railways hours before the train departs from the origin station. You can ask the concerned authority at the railway reservation desk about the train coach position. Furthermore, with just a few clicks, Trainmans' websites and app can provide live train coach status. All you have to do is input your PNR number, and you'll have all the information you need, including coach number, train seat position , train departure time at the boarding station, and more.

2. Importance of train coach position

After the train arrives at the railway station, passengers frequently have difficulty locating their specific coach position. As the train's arrival time near, passengers will flock to the enquiry desks to learn the platform number on which the train will arrive. Before the train arrives, Indian Railways provide display boards on the platforms that show the train number and coach position. They provide information on which train coach will stop at which platform location. In certain ways, it aids people in waiting in the allocated areas on the platforms.

Passengers do not need to run on platforms to identify their coach because of the train seat position. The train coach location, as well as the PNR number, are printed on the ticket. Keep in mind that Indian Railways reserves the right to change the train's coach position at any time. As a result, travelers are encouraged to arrive at the train station half an hour before the train's scheduled arrival to confirm the platform number and train coach position.

3. What is 2S in train?

2s stands for Indian Railways' second seating class, which is a non-AC class. The class is less expensive than the sleeping class, has more seats, and is typically found on short-distance trains. The seating and configuration of the 2s class is comparable to that of buses and planes. Window, aisle, and middle seats are available in 2s class. Passengers can select a window seat while purchasing a train ticket online.

4. Are all the coaches interlinked? What if I have to go to the Pantry car?

Trains are usually interlinked but for some trains, one might not be allowed to enter other coaches (especially 1A and EC) class. Pantry car is usually placed in the middle section of the train so that it is easily accessible from all coaches. However, passengers are not allowed to enter the pantry car too, and whatever they want to have, they need to order it by remaining seated only.

5. Are coach positions and seat maps displayed always correct?

Trainman displays coach position and seat map based on the information of previous history. However, sometimes these information changes at the last minute or without any prior notice, so it is always advisable to verify this information at the station beforehand. One should reach station at-least half an hour before train arrival time, so that they get enough time to verify platform number and train coach position and can reach at the desired place on time

6. What if I don't find my coach number on the list of coach positions?

Indian Railways sometimes add extra coaches if the rush is more in trains. In such cases the extra coach is mostly added either towards the start of the train or towards the end. However, it is always advisable to reach the station beforehand, so that passengers can clarify such details at the station also, either from the station inquiry window or from the local hawkers/coolies who are there at the platforms regularly.