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  • How to check the indian railways time table online?

    You can check train time table on this page. Enter train code or name in input box. Once you start entering train name or number of train, list of all trains starting with that name/number will appear on drop down list. Select your preferred train and you will see the complete train time table with latest arrival-departure timings and halt duration at each station & days of operation of train i.e. on which day of weeks does this train run. You will also get to know average delay of your selected train meaning how much late the train has been running in past one week on the running status page.
  • Can I know the usual platform at which the train arrives?

    While checking train schedule on Trainman there is a column with heading Platform. Under this you can find the historical platform number for each station which indicates that from which platform does this train usually departs or arrives.
  • Can I know if a train usually runs timely or late?

    Yes on Trainman you can. In train route table, you can see the average delay of this train for each station which is calculated from last seven days actual delay. Based on this information you can get a general idea if this train runs timely or late. It is recommended to avoid booking in trains where destination average delay is higher than 3 hours.
  • I have booked a train ticket well in advance. Is there a chance that train time table might change later?

    Usually the train timetable remains same for most of the trains but under some circumstances it might change. For example railway time table for all trains travelling through the Konkan region is revised in June and October. These trains are alloted more time as trains run slow in Konkan during monsoon time and reverted back in October end. Also every year the timetable for few trains change from 1st July or 1st October. Therefore, one should not always believe the departure time printed on ticket and should re-check latest schedule on Trainman before boarding the train.
  • I can see my boarding station in train schedule but according to live running status train is cancelled for my station. How can this happen?

    Under very special circumstances such as flooding or riots trains can be diverted. Due to this temporary route change, train will be cancelled for few stations. Passengers for whose boarding point train is cancelled, can claim full refund on fare including clerkage charges.