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Do you look at the timetable online before planning your vacations, holidays, business meetings, or anything else? Want to know why it is so important to look at the online timetable and how it can help you plan your vacation in a hassle-free and smooth manner? Certainly, the Department of Railways has been managing such a large network with such efficiency that it is not only counted on a national scale, but also on an international scale. Simply checking the timetable through the IRCTC website or Trainman can help you plan wisely your travel on one end and make sure to plan it in a way that will not cause any problems on the other end.

A train schedule includes all relevant train information such as train route, arrival and departure times, number of halts, and much more. It also provides information such as train number, train name, train type, source station, and destination station. With a wealth of information at your disposal, the railway timetable enables us to plan your journeys with ease.

If you know the train you're taking, you can enter the details, such as the train number, and all the information will appear in a single click. It shows the available seats on the train as well as the class of travel. Passengers can make reservations based on availability.

Train Time Table

Get a train timetable and route, as well as train arrival, departure, and halt times. The number of stops before the train arrives at your destination. Calculate the average train delay, halt train times, and plan your trip accordingly.

Train travel in India has come a long way in the last few decades. Every year, Indian Railways introduces new trains to accommodate the growing number of passengers.

The IRCTC has made the booking process very user-friendly. Without a doubt, both purchasing a train ticket and traveling on it are thrilling experiences. You can get all of the information about train times and schedules with a single click from the comfort of your own home or office.

If you are planning a train trip and are unsure which train will take you to your destination, you can simply consult the railway timetable. This online timetable by Trainman contains all of the train schedules that travel back and forth across the various states. You will be aware of all the options available to you, which will assist you in determining which train is best suited to your desired destination.

Before you book your tickets, take a look at the Indian railway Trainman time table chart. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, Trainman can things much more convenient - simply log in to the Trainman app and check the timings of your train. Confirm the details you require, such as a complete Indian railway train schedule, bogey type, train status, and ticket availability, among others.

Why Use trainman Time Table?

Knowing the train schedule ahead of time allows you to plan your journey more efficiently. By checking the train schedule in advance, you can even select the station from which you want food delivered in trains en route. You can check the train timetable ahead of time with Trainman online train schedule checking feature, eliminating the need to visit or call the railway inquiry office.

Knowing the train schedule ahead of time is advantageous for any traveler because it displays details about the train such as the time of arrival/departure, a number of halts, halt timing and duration, and so on. When a traveler plans a train trip, knowing the train schedule is an essential component for a trouble-free journey.

Trainman provides a simple interface for checking Indian Railways and train schedules. All you have to do is enter the train number into the online train timetable schedule. Wait a few seconds after pressing the 'search' button.

For example, suppose you want to check the train time table of 20504 Rajdhani Express, you will enter '20504' in the search box. Similarly, suppose you want the train route of 11020 Konark Express, enter '11020' in the form and hit the 'search' button. A new page containing train time table information will open in front of you. The new page will also include more detailed train info regarding the train route.

Why train Time Table Online Is Important?

In its journey from point A to point B, the train passes through a number of railway stations. The train schedule is a list of train times at various stations where it passes through and stops. Through a proper train schedule, the traveler is aware of:

  • Train schedules: For the convenience of passengers, the train schedule is updated with the correct arrival and departure times at each station.

  • Stations along the way: The train schedule lists the names of the stations the train will pass through as well as the total number of stations it will pass through.

  • Real-time accuracy rates of 100 percent: The Trainman train schedule is based on real-time status with a 100 percent accuracy rate.

  • Status of Train: The average delay status is displayed alongside accurate train timings (Estimated time of Departure or Arrival) (if any).

  • Train number and name: Each train has a unique number assigned to it, while the train name may be well-known. The combination of the train's name and the number is unique, and it can be used to look up the train's schedule on its scheduled days of operation.

  • Intermediate Stations: The intermediate stations are those that the train passes through on its way to its final destination. All of the stations where the train halts or passes through without stopping are included. The departure and termination status is not included in the list of intermediate stations.

How To Check Train Time Table online with Trainman?

With a single click, you can check the train timetable or train schedule online with Trainman. You can get accurate results by looking up the train schedule online. Take the following steps:

  • Simply type the train's name or number into the box, and a dropdown will appear with the train's exact name and five-digit number.

  • You must choose the exact train. For example, if you type "12296," the interface will automatically suggest the train's name and number.

  • Check the details and choose the specific train for which you need to look up the schedule.

  • Now you can check the train schedule from the drop-down list

  • The screen will show you the train's exact details, including its schedule, halt stations, seating classes (3A, 2A SL, etc.), source station, and the destination station, as well as the total journey distance for that day.

How to Check on Mobile App-

Timetable buttonEnter train code/nameTimetable page

How to Check on Website -

Timetable button
Enter train code/name
Timetable page

Important Indian Railway Train Schedule Questions Answered

1. How to check the Indian Railways timetable online?

You can check the train timetable on this page. Enter train code or name in the input box. Once you start entering the train name or number of trains, a list of all trains starting with that name/number will appear on the drop-down list. Select your preferred train and you will see the complete train timetable with the latest arrival-departure timings and halt duration at each station & days of operation of the train i.e. on which day of weeks does this train run. You will also get to know the average delay of your selected train meaning how late the train has been running in the past week on the running status page.

2. What Are Important Terminologies Associated With The Train Timetable?

Train name, train number, intermediate stations, and train status are some of the terminologies associated with the Indian train timetable.

  • Train Name: The train's name, such as Sampoorna Kranti Express, Rajdhani Express, Sampark Kranti Express, and so on.

  • Train Number: Each train has a unique five-digit number that identifies it. This information is necessary in order to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other trains running on the same day.

  • Intermediate Stations: A list of intermediate stations includes all stations where the train crosses its route. All intermediate stations are located between the source and the destination.

  • Train Status: The train status informs users of the train's current location, a list of upcoming stations, the expected time of arrival at those stations, and any delays.

3. I have booked a train ticket well in advance. Is there a chance that train timetable might change later?

Usually, the train timetable remains the same for most of the trains but under some circumstances, it might change. For example, the railway timetable for all trains traveling through the Konkan region is revised in June and October. These trains are allowed more time as trains run slow in Konkan during monsoon time and reverted back in October end. Also every year the timetable for a few trains changes from 1st July or 1st October. Therefore, one should not always believe the departure time printed on the ticket and should re-check the latest schedule on Trainman before boarding the train.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How to Check Train Schedule & Time Table through Trainman App?

Our Trainman app is designed to provide all passengers with a convenient service. If you have a smartphone, take advantage of the most up-to-date technology and highest-rated app by downloading the Trainman app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store. It is completely free and provides access to a variety of rail-related services, such as train schedules and timetables, in one convenient location.

2. How can I check Train status through SMS & call?

You can call railway customer service number 139 with any train-related questions or complaints. Using Indian railways does not necessitate the use of a smartphone. At any time, you can dial 139 from any mobile device. Apart from calling, train helpline number 139 also offers the option of receiving real-time information via SMS and USSD.

3. Can I know the usual platform at which the train arrives?

While checking the train schedule on Trainman there is a column with the heading Platform. Under this you can find the historical platform number for each station which indicates from which platform does this train usually departs or arrives.

4. Can I know if a train usually runs timely or late?

Yes on Trainman you can. In train route table, you can see the average delay of this train for each station which is calculated from last seven days' actual delay. Based on this information you can get a general idea if this train runs timely or late. It is recommended to avoid booking in trains where destination average delay is higher than 3 hours.

5. I can see my boarding station in the train schedule but according to the live running status train is cancelled for my station. How can this happen?

Under very special circumstances such as flooding or riots trains can be diverted. Due to this temporary route change, the train will be cancelled for few stations. Passengers for whose boarding point train is cancelled, can claim full refund on fare including clerkage charges.