Check Train Seat Availability

  • How can I check latest train seat availability?

    One can check the seat availability for any train in indian railway by entering the train code or name in above input box. Trainman displays a 4-month indian railway seat availability calendar where one can see train seat availability and fare for all classes and for all days in a single view. The seat availability status is also saved for popular routes so that passenger can see it without fetching again and again.
  • How can I book train tickets in Indian Railway?

    Railway reservation can be done either online on IRCTC website or by physically going to ticket counters also known as Public Reservation System. The advantage of doing reservation online is that one can book the ticket anytime between 12.30am and 11.30pm. IRCTC website is down for maintenance for just 1 hour in day. The advantage of booking ticket at PRS counters is that one need not pay IRCTC service charge which is Rs.20/- plus GST for Sleeper / Second Seating and Rs.40/- plus GST for all other classes including air-conditioned classes (1AC,2AC,3AC,CC,3E,FC) per e-ticket and also payment gateway charges [Source: IRCTC website]. In short it is a trade-off of time with money.
    Bonus info: IRCTC service charge is waived off
  • What is current availability? Can I book ticket under current availability?

    Current availability means train seat availability after final chart preparation. Many a times some seats are left vacant even after chart preparation which can be booked under current availability on irctc portal or from offline ticket counters. These are shown with prefix CURR_AVL. No waitlist tickets are issued under current availability.
  • How to get seat availability under tatkal quota?

    While checking train seat availability calendar on Trainman change the quota from general to tatkal (or premium tatkal). Then click on "check" link which will give the tatkal availability. Tatkal tickets can only be booked maximum one day in advance. Check out these useful tatkal booking tips to book tatkal tickets quickly on IRCTC.
  • The train enquiry seat availability is showing GNWL (e.g. GNWL150/100). What does it mean?

    This means that all the seats have been filled and if you still book ticket you will be in a waiting list of 100 people (General waiting list in this case). The initial number 150 would have been your actual waiting list but 50 (150-100) people have already cancelled their ticket. Your ticket will get confirmed only if 100 passengers booked before you happen to cancel their ticket. Waiting list can be of other types like RLWL,PQWL,TQWL etc.
  • Under train enquiry seat availability it is showing RAC followed by a number (e.g. RAC 20). What does RAC mean?

    RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. Under RAC a passenger is given a seat i.e. a half side-lower berth. It can get confirmed if passengers having confirmed reservation cancel their berth or seat. RAC tickets are not issued for short distance all-seating trains which have only chair car compartments like shatabdi, jan-shatabdi and double-decker. Also, no RAC tickets are issued under tatkal quota.
  • Berth availability is showing as Regret (REGRET/WL300). Can I still book ticket?

    Regret (or no room) means that booking has been closed for that train for your dates due to very high number of waitlist tickets issued. Railway does not want to issue another waitlist ticket in such case because it thinks that there is no chance such high waitlist ticket will get confirmed. Therefore, one cannot book tickets if availability status is Regret.
  • Can indian railway seat availability change at a later stage?

    Yes, the train seat availability might change from Available to RAC or Waiting list if more and more people book ticket for a particular journey. Alternatively, it can also move from waiting list to available if confirmed passengers cancel their ticket.