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Indian Railway Train Seat Availability

Seat Availability refers to the process of looking for a seat on a chosen train for a journey between two stations. IRCTC provides a fantastic opportunity to plan your train journey up to four months in advance. Yes!! One can plan their trip 120 days in advance.

We are all familiar with the anxiety that comes with unexpected travel or trips. The aggravation of waiting in a lengthy line is exhausting and time-consuming. Trainman IRCTC train seat availability allows you to check seat availability from your office or home and book your train tickets online. If you need to cancel your ticket, Trainman also gives you that option with instant refunds.

Trainman's website or app can be used to monitor seat availability in trains. You won't have to wait in a long line to check train seat availability when you use Trainman.

On your preferred travel date, search online for berth availability in your particular train and class. You may check train seat availability from your phone at any time and from anywhere with the Trainman app. Within minutes, you can learn about your prospects of getting a train seat confirmation from the comfort of your own home.

Trainman Train Seat Availability

Not sure if you'll be able to secure a confirmed rail ticket? Determine your chances of receiving confirmed train tickets and plan your journey appropriately. To save you time and money, we provide extensive information and access to available trains as well as train seat availability for any location, allowing you to plan your trip with simplicity.

seat availability by filling in your desired stations and trains. Go to the Trainman online ticket booking app and search for train When you click it, a new page will open with all of the information on that train, including seat availability in the respective class of travel and more. If seats are available in the chosen class and quota for which you wish to go, book your train ticket online on the Trainman app as soon as possible to avoid disappointment at the last minute. If seats are unavailable, try checking for availability on alternative dates, and we are certain you will find your seats via Trainman seat availability.

Why Trainman Railway Seat Availability?

Checking train seat availability on Trainman is simple and straightforward. When you search for berth availability in your preferred train and class of travel on your desired date of travel, you will be presented with a list of berths available in that class on that date.

Train seat availability data from Trainman is reliable and updated in real-time. This will allow you to book train tickets as soon as possible.

Data precision

When you search for train seat availability on Trainman, you can rest assured that the information presented is up to date. This allows you to determine how quickly tickets are being booked, as well as decide and reserve your tickets as soon as possible. You can get seat availability information for a certain train for the following 6 days from the date you searched.

Train Search Made Simple & Convenient

You won't have to worry about standing in huge lines to get your tickets when Trainman is on your side. Search for trains on your selected routes for your specified dates, then book your train tickets based on seat and berth availability as well as the likelihood of seat confirmation.

Checking Train Seat Availability on Trainman website and app

  • Step 1: Enter the source and destination cities

  • Step 2: Enter your journey date or select from the calendar.

  • Step 3: Click on "Search Trains".
  • Step 4: You will land on the page where all the trains running between the source and destination station are listed, along with the seat availability.

  • Step 5: Click on the specific class of tickets or Indian railway quotas, and you will land on a page where the seat availability of the specific class for a week is displayed, along with the fares.

  • Step 6: Click on Trainman Trends to know in detail about your trains' initial and final historical status before making the online train ticket booking.

How to Check on Mobile App-

Seat availability buttonEnter train code/nameSeat availability page

How to Check on Website -

Seat availability button
Enter train code/name
Seat availability page

Trainman Seat Availability Accurate Prediction

When it comes to comfort, choose seats in a class that you believe is pleasant enough for you to travel comfortably. Train Seat availability varies by class and is determined by the quota you choose when purchasing your tickets. Checking the availability of seats allows you to determine whether or not seats in the class of your choosing are available. It's also useful to know the chances of getting your tickets confirmed in a given class based on the date of your trip and the number of passengers on the waiting list.

Trainman Seat Availability Prediction not only tells you how likely it is that your ticket will be confirmed, but it also displays the most recent historical PNR. Based on historical trends, we employ deep machine learning algorithms to anticipate the likelihood of your ticket being confirmed as well as seat availability. To provide you with the most accurate seat forecast, our Seat Predictor considers a variety of factors such as the initial and current waiting count, weekdays, days to go, festival season, and so on. According to our tests, it has an accuracy of more than 94% and is improving every day.

Trainman Seat Availability Calender - The Best Way to Find the Perfect Seats for You.

The train calendar can help you get a seat on the train of your choice if you check it early enough. There's a good chance that one glance at the train seat availability calendar may overwhelm you. With so many different seats available on Indian trains, choosing the correct one can be difficult. If you don't know the difference, you'll be perplexed when making seat availability inquiries at the railway information center and reserving tickets. So, let's have a look at the many types of seats that Indian Railways has to offer.

  • 1A: Also known as First Class AC, these seats have rates that are comparable to airline tickets and include beds and linen. First-class carriages are not available on all trains, and the number of seats available in this class is limited.

  • 2A: Often known as Second Class AC, is slightly less than for 1A. Because each 2A coach is limited to 48 passengers, please be sure to check the Indian Railways seat availability chart ahead of time.

  • 3A: These are called Third Class AC because they contain three bunk berths on each side. These coaches are ideal for 64 travelers because bedding is included in the ticket.

  • SL: The most popular option among Indians, is a non-air-conditioned sleeper bus with bunk beds for travelers to sleep in. It has a capacity of 72 passengers. These tickets frequently sell out rapidly, according to train query seat availability.

  • CC: Also known as Chair Cars, these vehicles are entirely air-conditioned and have comfy, reclining seats.

  • 2S: These coaches are non-air-conditioned and have bench seats for the passengers.

  • UR: Because this session does not require reservations, you can expect to see a large crowd in this single class, as opposed to other classes. Seats are generally composed of wood and are designed for sitting rather than sleeping.

Frequently Asked Questions for Train Seat Inquiry

1. How can I check the latest train seat availability?

One can check the seat availability for any train on the Indian railway by entering the train code or name in the above input box. Trainman displays a 4-month Indian railway seat availability calendar where one can see train seat availability and fare for all classes and for all days in a single view. The seat availability status is also saved for popular routes so that passengers can see it without fetching again and again.

2. How can I book train tickets on the Indian Railway?

Now book your train tickets online with the Trainman app or the website and get exclusive offers made to enhance savings. With Trainman, there's an increased chance of getting confirmed train tickets online. Follow the mentioned steps-

  • Download the official IRCTC authorised Trainman app from iOS or Android.

  • Search for Train between Stations or Search by Train no

  • Click on search and browse through multitudes of trains

  • Pay via Trainman Wallet to get exclusive offers and coupon codes

3. What is the current availability? Can I book a ticket under current availability?

Current availability means train seat availability after final chart preparation. Many times some seats are left vacant even after chart preparation which can be booked under current availability on the IRCTC portal or from offline ticket counters. These are shown with the prefix CURR_AVL. No waitlist tickets are issued under current availability

4. How to get seat availability under the tatkal quota?

While checking the train seat availability calendar on Trainman change the quota from general to tatkal (or premium tatkal). Then click on the "check" link which will give the tatkal availability. Tatkal tickets can only be booked a maximum of one day in advance. Check out these useful tatkal booking tips to book tatkal tickets quickly on Trainman.

5. What Should You Do If Your Train Berth Is "Not Available" or "Waitlisted"?

If you can't discover "Available" status in a train and only see "Not Available" or "Waitlisted," you can attempt one of the following ways to get a seat for a railway reservation:

  • Check the train berth availability in a different class of travel

  • Check the availability of train reservation seats on a particular journey date.

  • Look for available seats in a different train on the same route on the Trainman website.

6. Why Is It Better To Check Train Seat Availability Online on Trainman Rather Than Offline?

  • You can escape the aggravation of waiting in a large line.

  • You can skip going to the station to verify the availability of train seats.

  • You can use your phone to check the availability of train seats.

  • You can check the availability of train seats from the convenience of your own home.

  • You can access information on train berth availability at any time and from any location.

  • You can reserve tickets online for the best available seat, classes, and trains.

7. The train inquiry seat availability shows GNWL (e.g. GNWL150/100). What does it mean?

This means that all the seats have been filled and if you still book tickets you will be on a waiting list of 100 people (A general waiting list in this case). The initial number 150 would have been your actual waiting list but 50 (150-100) people have already canceled their tickets. Your ticket will get confirmed only if 100 passengers booked before you happen to cancel their ticket. The waiting list can be of other types like RLWL, PQWL, TQWL, etc.

8. Under train inquiry seat availability it shows RAC followed by a number (e.g. RAC 20). What does RAC mean?

RAC stands for Reservation Against Cancellation. Under RAC a passenger is given a seat i.e. a half side-lower berth. It can get confirmed if passengers have confirmed reservations to cancel their berth or seat. RAC tickets are not issued for short-distance all-seating trains which have only chair car compartments like Shatabdi, Jan-Shatabdi, and double-deckers. Also, no RAC tickets are issued under the tatkal quota.

9. Can Indian railway seat availability change at a later stage?

Yes, the train seat availability might change from Available to RAC or Waiting list if more and more people book a ticket for a particular journey.

Alternatively, it can also move from the waiting list if confirmed passengers cancel their ticket.