Check station details by entering station name or code

  • What if I want to know list of all the possible trains that passes through any station?

    To know list of all train station details, just enter station name or code on station detail page. Click on Get Station Detail to know which all trains pass through that station. It will show list of all possible trains including DEMU and MEMU category trains that crosses selected station which otherwise does not appear on train search. So for example one chooses Lucknow station, Trainman shows list of 98 trains that passes through Lucknow either on daily basis or on weekly basis.
  • Will I also get information like halt and platform number under train station detail?

    Yes, Trainman shows all the information like arrival time, departure time, halt duration and platform number for each and every train on station detail page.
  • How can I obtain ticket for MEMU and DEMU category train tickets online?

    There is no provision for booking tickets for MEMU, DEMU and Passenger (unreserved) category trains online. To get tickets for these type of daily local trains, one needs to visit PRS counter at stations. However, on train station detail page, passengers can get information about such trains along with the train timings and platform information etc
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