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Gurpreet Singh
Gurpreet Singh
The best thing I've experienced in Trainman is the coach position feature. With PNR status, you'll get the option to look for a coach position. It will show your coach position and berth's placement.
Aman Shah
Aman Shah
The app as well as the website has an amazingly fast response time. Using all the features including checking PNR status and train ticket booking with Trainman is so simple and smooth.
Kavita Nair
Kavita Nair
It certainly provides train tickets at affordable pricing. Also, the booking process on this app was simple as well as smooth. I got my tickets booked in like a minute. Just amazed.
Monika Kumari
Monika kumari
A clean user experience is what we all want, and Trainman just offers the very same thing. From the homepage to the booking page everything is amazing.
Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma
My payment got stuck when I tried to book my train ticket. Fortunately, I called customer care and the executive was very helpful and got my money refunded within minutes.
Amit Vashishtha
Amit Vashishtha
The first time I used this app was for checking my PNR status about 3 years ago. Since then, I've been using the website and then switched to the app. I can say that it has improved a lot.

Train Ticket Booking Online

We offer a hassle-free train ticket booking service online to everyone who loves to travel. To put it simply, train ticket booking through Trainman feels like a one-stop-shop solution that caters to every need related to train and coach travel. You can find all the latest news, train routes, and travel times from almost all the coach operators with the Trainman train ticket booking android app available on the play store.
If you have been plotting your travel for years and don't know where to begin, then our Train ticket booking platform seems like the perfect way to start. We help you buy train tickets online quickly and save your time, money, and effort. So you get to focus on enjoying the breathtaking scenery instead of going through the tireless paperwork.
You can search for train schedule tables, accurate PNR status predictions, and even use discount vouchers for your Trainman wallet while train ticket booking online.
We have the highest-rated train ticket booking app on Google Play Store. Our objective is to bring forth coach, train, and other several travel services under one single umbrella so you get the best prices and real-time travel information on the go.
No more getting tired in the lines, now conveniently search for live running status even when you are offline by just using your android device!!
Trainman - Our Mission
  • Trainman Travel Booking Site - Our Mission
  • Trainman is an IRCTC authorised online train ticket booking platform made with the purpose to make train travel more convenient with our comprehensive list of solutions. There's nothing like piercing through the heart of a big city and busting through the rich villages of India.

    Whether you want to enjoy Shimla's Toy Train or the exquisite Dudhsagar waterfall from the square window, let us know about your journey. And we promise to recommend the best prices on your train ticket booking along with services that are unheard of.

    All the extensive paperwork, travel schedule timings, delayed or too early, coach position - Maybe let's not worry about it once? Train ticket booking should involve extensive plans for enjoyment and not a checklist. train ticket booking through Trainman feels like home, with a partner that you can trust and rely upon.

    Search by name or travel between stations to seamlessly get all the desired results with our online train ticket booking platform.

    More than 10mn+ plus users already trust us with their train ticket booking. Pay online through Trainman wallet now and start your travel journey! Trainman maintains one of India's largest and most up-to-date train databases. The following features are included in our mobile app: Train Search - Seat / Berth Availability with Predictions,PNR Status - with Predictions of Confirmation Time Table/Schedule - with Offline Access, Seat Availability . You can manage your trips, inquire about fares, and use a fare calculator for Indian rail travelers while booking online train tickets.

    Developed with a strong focus on different technological initiatives that blend the latest technologies with innovative solutions to confer your every need. Trainman is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and innovation that crafts the most advanced solutions for all your problems.

  • Trainman Train Ticket Booking
  • On Trainman, you can get confirmed train tickets. Trainman is a one-stop-shop for confirmed train tickets for all of your railway ticketing needs. You can even predict PNR confirmation status after purchasing a train ticket and learn about all of your options for obtaining a confirmed train ticket for your train reservation.

    Trainman is India's most popular website for checking train seat availability, e-rail ticket availability, and ticket purchasing progress. We'll make sure that waiting for tickets is a thing of the past for you!

    The next time you find yourself waiting for all of the trains, don't worry since we are your one-stop-shop for all of your train ticket booking troubles and concerns! train booking and inquiry is underpinned by a proprietary and efficient algorithm that anticipates your PNR in seconds using past data.

    It might also help you decide whether or not to book rail tickets if the train is in the queue. We can assist you in making your train ticket booking a pleasant experience.

  • Trainman Train Ticket Reservation
  • With a route length of more than 65,000 kilometers, Indian Railways is one of the world's largest rail networks. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is the public face of India's online train ticket buying system.

    Trainman is the top online booking portal for train tickets, providing the most simple options to book train tickets, check train schedules, train availability, and monitor live train status. IRCTC has long been the most popular website for booking train tickets.

    Train travel is a popular mode of transportation for both short commutes and extended journeys, and with good reason. Traveling by rail is the most convenient means of transportation in India, with over a thousand routes linking cities.

    Train travel is a great option for travelers because of the combination of price, convenience, and speed. Trainman railway booking technology now allows travelers to search routes, compare costs, and book train tickets.You can also use the Trainman app for quick access.

    Trainman provides you with the most dependable and secure train booking service, and all you have to do is organize your route. Our consumers will find the site to be user-friendly. Instead of standing in line for hours to book a train ticket, you can go to the website.

    Trainman's online railway ticket booking technology allows you to book your travel package from any location. All you have to do is input your IRCTC login details and you'll have all the information you need.

    Why Choose Trainman?

    For train ticket booking, use the IRCTC authorised partner app. Increase your chances of receiving confirmed train tickets by using our same train alternates and forecast feature.

    Book tickets on this IRCTC authorised App and get additional benefits such as a 100% refund on cancellation, fast refund initiation, PNR status and confirmation notification, train tracks, and dedicated 24X7 customer service.

  • Features of Trainman
  • train ticket booking app - Complete train booking app for Indian railways - tickets, train status, PNR status, Platform number and coach position to board, Rail Wisdoms.

    1. Live Train Running Status - The best Indian railway app for finding out where my train is running. Get the status of your train's delay or on-time arrival. The GPS feature in the app allows you to see the estimated train arrival time (ETA) at upcoming stations. Even if they are not connected to the internet, travelers can check the live train location by typing the train name or number.
    2. PNR Status and Confirmation Probability - Check your PNR Status and Confirmation Probability to see how likely your waitlisted tickets are to be confirmed.
    3. Indian Railways Train Time Table - Download the Trainman train app for the most up-to-date Indian Railways train schedule (even in offline mode). Check the status of trains between stations in real time.

      Trainman is the best railway app for train ticket bookings, train coach layouts, live train running status, PNR prediction, and other rail-related information.
    4. Train Fare Enquiry - The quickest way to book a train ticket online. View booking fares for Rajdhani, Duronto, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi, Garib Rath, and other trains between stations and coach types. Enjoy the added convenience of hassle-free trip planning and quicker train ticket buying. With Trainman, you can get a quick refund on online ticket cancellations.

      Switch To Preferred Language - Use your preferred language to navigate the app. English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Tamil, and Gujrati are among the languages available.
  • What Makes Trainman Different?
    1. PNR Status & Quota + Wait-list Predictions with Data Analytics -

      Keeps you up to date on PNR status changes via alerts:

      • Aids in the prediction of PNR status confirmations for waitlisted tickets before charting preparations, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding your voyage.
      • View trends in wait times for specific trains.
  • Live GPS Tracking & Schedules -

    Train Timings & Schedules are automatically saved, allowing you to view them as well as the live train status in offline mode!

    • If you've ever been concerned about train delays, your current location, or your projected arrival time, or if you've ever wondered, "Where is my Train?" The live GPS tracking software from Trainman is ideal!
    • Get real-time information on the Train Coach Position.
    • Offline & Online - Live train monitoring using GPS, current location + position of railway coaches
  • A Step Ahead- Information Based Travel With Trainman
  • We will make sure that traveling on waitlisted tickets is a thing of the past for you! The next time you discover that all of the trains are on hold, don't worry since we are your one-stop-shop for all train ticket booking troubles and concerns!

    IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation)

    On the website of IRCTC, one can check the status of their PNR, view their tickets, print them, or cancel them. The Indian Railways website generates thousands of bookings each day; it all started with IRCTC deciding to reduce agent dependency, the stress of queuing at the railway counter, and so on.

    People now have the luxury of browsing numerous trains for their journey, understanding the arrival and departure stations of the train they like to travel to, planning their budget, and then booking their train ticket accordingly, thanks to the establishment of online train ticket booking.

    IRCTC is a platform where you can primarily book train tickets online, as well as organize your vacation, order meals, and book train tourism packages. IRCTC is the market leader in online train tickets booking and also offers I-tickets, which are simply normal tickets that are ordered online and delivered to your door via post. The IRCTC website is one of the busiest. Apart from online railway ticket purchasing, it provides 24*7 help for train timetables, train routes, train ticketing, train rates, and seat availability.

    Allow us to demonstrate our magic by forecasting your train tickets confirmation chances before you book! We are here to support everyone, whether you are a daily commuter, a business traveler, or on holiday. Trainman manages one of India's largest and most up-to-date train databases.

    • PNR status data with Confirmation Probability.
    • Live Train Status, but with a real-time GPS Location system that adds to the joy and fascination of the experience.
    • Train timetable has Offline timetable capability, so that it may be checked without Internet connectivity.
    • You can prevent delayed trains by researching the operating times of trains between two stops.
    • If you use local trains and metros on a daily basis, Trainman has all the information you need.
    • Fantasy and entertainment: Learn the real-time speed of your train as well as numerous knowledge about Indian Railways and stops.
    • Trip Sharing in Real-Time.

    We aspire to create the most responsive, mobile-friendly website, answering all of your rail travel questions in a few taps. A comprehensive center of railway travel information dedicated to providing its users with intelligent information, all under one roof, to help them plan and make smarter train travel decisions.

    FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

    1.   Why book train tickets online with Trainman?

    Through Trainman train tickets booking platform, traveling to your favourite destination is now easier than ever before. Now you can seamlessly search for and book your favourite destination in our mobile train ticket booking app in no time. Additionally, there are a plethora of great features like checking PNR status, live running status even in offline mode, coach position, and several others waiting to make your railway ticket booking experience enjoyable.

    2.   How do I book train tickets online through Trainman?

    It's fairly simple to use Trainman for online ticket booking, follow the simple procedure-

    • Visit the Trainman website or Trainman train booking mobile app
    • Select the starting & arrival destinations.
    • Select a train that you want to book train tickets for
    • Add your complete traveler's details
    • Proceed to our easy secure payment gateway.
    • Enter your original IRCTC username and password.
    • Train Ticket booking confirmation via Email, SMS, will be sent to you.
    • You can also check confirmed tickets in the My Trips option on our app/website

    That's it, online Indian railway ticket booking has never been easier.

    3.   What is the maximum number of people I can book in a single train ticket booking?

    As per the train ticket booking policy, you can only add 6 persons to your railway ticket booking. Here are the steps you can follow-

    • Simply add the names and ages of the people traveling with you.
    • Fill in all the necessary details along with the berth preference and meal option and you are good to go.

    For tatkal tickets booking, the maximum number reduces to 4 persons per booking. Two children below 5 years are allowed per booking, but not ticketed. The details of these travelers are also to be specified while tatkal tickets booking, though they are not mentioned in the tickets.

    You can also choose the option to book the ticket when all berths are confirmed or all berths are in the same coach or if only one or two lower berths are provided.

    4.   I don't have an IRCTC username or password, what should I do?

    It is important to have a username and password while booking an online ticket booking. But don't worry, as Trainman can help you create your username and password so that you easily proceed with your train ticket booking.

    5.   How do I cancel my train ticket booking after confirmation?

    Don't worry, you can easily cancel your online train booking through our website and train ticket booking app for Play Store.

    • Login to your Trainman Account
    • Go to “My Trips”
    • Select the train ticket you would like to cancel
    • Click on the “Cancel Order” button. And it's done!
    • Refund will be initiated to original Payment Source
    6.   What are the cancellation charges for online train ticket booking?

    On cancellation of confirmed train tickets 48 hours before scheduled departure, charges will be:

    • Rs. 240/- for AC First Class/Executive Class,
    • Rs. 200/- for AC 2 Tier/First Class,
    • Rs.180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy,
    • Rs.120/- for Sleeper Class and
    • Rs. 60/- for Second Class.

    Please note- The cancellation charges are applicable per ticket per passenger and will be deducted before processing the refunds.

    7.   Why choose the Trainman android app over other train bookings apps?

    Along with a seamless train ticket booking experience, Trainman offers tons of exciting benefits and features. We predict PNR status with 95 percent accuracy while letting our users track their trains even in offline mode. What's more about train ticket booking you might ask? We offer credits to all our Trainman wallet users if they use our Android app for railway ticket booking.

    8.   How Tatkal ticket booking is done and what is it?

    Tatkal Booking in IRCTC is meant for last-minute and immediate plans. It's a feature that allows travelers to book train tickets online in case of emergencies. You can use the trainman app/website for tatkal tickets booking through IRCTC.

    Tatkal timings start at 10:00 AM for AC train tickets and 11:00 AM for non-AC train tickets. Although it is recommended to plan your travel as the Tatkal quota in peak seasons and busiest routes are tough to get confirmed.

    9.   How is Trainman different from others?
    • Trainman is a one-stop-shop that helps enlighten the blind corners by providing software-led solutions to track and analyze the reservation data, enhance the user experience, and simplify checking running and PNR status.
    • Using valuable insights and predictive analysis, Trainman makes sense of a vast amount of data to efficiently predict ticket confirmation status with 95 percent accuracy.
    • Our app available for both iOS and Android, with over 10mn+ installations, helps people discover proactive ways to look for several trains between stations and easily book train tickets based on classes.

    Travel Stories

    First trip to Varanasi
    First trip to Varanasi
    Aaditya Singh | 25 March ,22
    “This unplanned trip was a bliss”
    The moment I boarded the train to Varanasi, I immediately got the feeling that this was gonna create the best memories of my life. I knew I was right the moment I felt the cold breeze hit my face while I was sitting at the Assi Ghaat.
    The Mesmerizing Hills
    The mesmerizing hills
    Ritu Kaushik | 10 June ,22
    “Sometimes, you just need to go for it”
    I read a lot about the Himalayan Queen and decided to onboard it asap. Thus, booked the tickets and reached Kalka to board the train. Every minute of that 5 hours of the journey was worth it. The scenic beauty I witnessed was heavenly.