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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Book Online Train Tickets with Trainman?
We are the official Train booking Partner of IRCTC, Fastest train booking platform. We at Trainman believe in customer first approach who values every single user of our platform. We have best train ticket waiting list confirmation prediction feature with 95 percent success rate. Trainman is one stop solution for Booking Train tickets online, Checking Seat Availability, PNR Status, Running Live Status.
How to Book Train tickets on Trainman?
Steps to follow for Train Booking
  1. Visit Trainman website/app & select the starting & arrival destinations.
  2. Select a train that you want to book.
  3. Add traveller’s details.
  4. Proceed to our easy secure payment gateway.
  5. Enter your original IRCTC username and password.
  6. Train Ticket booking confirmation via Email, SMS, will be sent to you.
  7. You can also check confirmed tickets in My Trips option in our app/website
What to do if my Train Ticket Booking failed after Payment?
You can retry booking your ticket with the same details in the given timeframe. No need to make payment again.
What are the maximum number of Train Tickets that can be booked under one person name?
As per the IRCTC policy of Train Ticket Booking 1 IRCTC train ticket can only have 6 persons.
  • Simply add the names and ages of the people travelling with you.
  • Fill all the necessary details along with the berth preference and meal option and you are good to go.
For tatkal tickets, the maximum number reduces to 4 persons per booking. Two children below 5 years are allowed per booking, but not ticketed. The details of these travellers are also to be specified while booking, though they are not mentioned in the tickets. You can also choose the option to book the ticket when all berths are confirmed or all berths are in the same coach or if only one or two lower berths are provided.
What to do if I do not have IRCTC Username and Password for Booking train tickets.
You are required to enter the IRCTC username and password for booking train tickets. But if you do not have access to your details you can create a new IRCTC username and password on our platform itself and can easily proceed with your Train bookings online.
Will I be able to cancel my Train Bookings after confirmation?
Yes you can now cancel your ticket (confirmed or waitlisted) with 4 easy steps:
  1. Login to your Trainman Account
  2. Go to “My Trips”
  3. Select the train ticket you would like to cancel
  4. Click on the “Cancel Order” button. And it’s done!
  5. Refund will be initiated to original Payment Source
How much are the Cancellation Charges for Train Tickets?
On cancellation of confirmed Tickets 48 hours prior to scheduled departure, charges will be:
  • Rs. 240/- for AC First Class/Executive Class,
  • Rs. 200/- for AC 2 Tier/First Class,
  • Rs.180 for AC 3 Tier/AC Chair car/ AC 3 Economy,
  • Rs.120/- for Sleeper Class and
  • Rs. 60/- for Second Class.
Cancellation charges are applicable per ticket per passenger and will be deducted before processing the refunds.
What is TATKAL Booking in IRCTC and how it is done?
Tatkal Booking in IRCTC is meant for last-minute and immediate plans. It's a feature that allows travellers to book online train tickets in case of emergencies. You can use the trainman app/website for Booking train tickets in the Tatkal quota. Tatkal timings start at 10:00 AM for AC train tickets and 11:00 AM for non-AC train tickets. Although it is recommended to plan your travel as Tatkal quota in peak seasons and busiest route are tough to get confirmed.
IRCTC Ticket booking on Trainman
Trainman in partnership with IRCTC let you Book Train Tickets Easily. It is one-stop solution for Booking Train Tickets online, for checking PNR status and predicting Ticket confirmation status before booking. We are the highest rated booking app on Playstore for Booking Train tickets and Prediction of waiting for tickets with 95 per cent accuracy. One can easily look for trains between stations and get to book tickets based on train classes. People can also enquire about other Rail services such as train schedule and running status which helps passenger in planning their railway journey. After booking your Trains at Trainman, you can come back for checking your PNR status for getting to know the confirmation status. Trainman uses Predictive analysis for accurately predicting the PNR status. You can easily get to know your confirmation chances. Railway fare enquiry is also available for all travel classes like first ac, second ac, third ac, Garib-rath, sleeper, chair car and second seating with concessional fare for senior citizens. So after comparing the train tickets prices of trains on similar routes you can make informed decisions about which train to be booked. One can also check out some really handy tips and tricks which makes train travelling easier. It is the most preferred railway site for train info owing to its high accuracy and user-friendliness.