Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express 11066 train schedule

Runs On - M T W T F S S
No Pantry Car
Class - 2A 3A SL

Tirupati to Mysore Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express 11066 train schedule cloud_download

Halt Avg. Delay* Day Distance Platform
1 Renigunta Jn
( RU )
1 0 km 5
2 Katpadi Jn
( KPD )
1 125 km 1
3 Jolarpettai
( JTJ )
1 209 km -
4 Bengaluru Cant
( BNC )
1 350 km 1
5 Bengaluru City Jn
( SBC )
2 354 km 5
6 Mandya
( MYA )
2 447 km -
7 Mysore Jn
( MYS )
- N.A 2 492 km -
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.
Platform no. is indicative only. Please re-check platform info at the station before boarding train.

Tirupati to Mysore Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express 11066 timing

Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express (11066) runs from Tirupati to Mysore. It departs from Renigunta Jn station (RU) at from platform 5 and arrives at Mysore Jn station (MYS) at . Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express takes 9 hrs 20 mints to cover the distance of 492 km between Tirupati and Mysore. It is a non-superfast train. The average speed of this train is 52 kmph. It has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL). This train runs on Saturday. Final chart for Renigunta Mysuru Weekly Express is prepared at Tirupati usually 3-4 hours before train departure time.

About Tirupati

Tirupati is a city in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati Balaji also known as Tirumala Venkateswara Temple is one of the most renowned temples in India located at one of the hilltops of Tirumala Hills. This temple is the richest in terms of donations it receives and most visited temples in the world. The Prasad of the temple Tirupati Ladoos are patented and are available online. Tirupati is also home to Asia's second largest zoo. The city is well connected via road and railways and has an International airport located at Renigunta, a suburb of Tirupati 14 kms away from Tirupati and 40 Kms away from the temple.
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