Patna Bilaspur Weekly Superfast Express 22844 train route

No Pantry Car
Class - 1A 2A 3A SL

Patna to Bilaspur Patna Bilaspur Weekly Superfast Express 22844 train schedule cloud_download

HaltAvg. Delay*DayDistancePlatform
1 Patna Jn
( PNBE )
-N.A1 0 km 5
2 Patna Saheb
( PNC )
N.A2 10 km 1
3 Fatwa
( FUT )
N.A2 22 km 2
4 Bakhtiyarpur Jn
( BKP )
N.A2 45 km 1
5 Mokameh Jn
( MKA )
N.A2 89 km 1
6 Kiul Jn
( KIUL )
N.A2 123 km 4
7 Jhajha
( JAJ )
N.A2 177 km -
8 Jasidih Jn
( JSME )
N.A2 221 km 1
9 Madhupur Jn
( MDP )
N.A2 250 km 3
10 Chittaranjan
( CRJ )
N.A2 306 km 2
11 Asansol Jn
( ASN )
N.A2 331 km 6
12 Joychandi Pahar
( JOC )
N.A2 368 km 2
13 Purulia Jn
( PRR )
N.A2 408 km 3
14 Tatanagar Jn
( TATA )
N.A2 496 km 2
15 Chakradharpur
( CKP )
N.A2 559 km 1
16 Rourkela
( ROU )
N.A2 660 km 2
17 Raj Gangpur
( GP )
N.A2 689 km -
18 Jharsuguda Jn
( JSG )
N.A2 761 km 1
19 Brajrajnagar
( BRJN )
N.A2 772 km 1
20 Raigarh
( RIG )
N.A2 832 km 2
21 Champa
( CPH )
N.A2 912 km 2
22 Bilaspur Jn
( BSP )
-N.A2 965 km 4
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.
Platform no. is indicative only. Please re-check platform info at the station before boarding train.

Patna Bilaspur Weekly Superfast Express 22844 route

Patna Bilaspur Weekly Superfast Express starts from Patna Jn (PNBE) at , reaches Jhajha (JAJ) at , Asansol Jn (ASN) at , Purulia Jn (PRR) at , Tatanagar Jn (TATA) at , Chakradharpur (CKP) at , Rourkela (ROU) at and Raigarh (RIG) at . It arrives at Bilaspur Jn on second day at . It stops at 20 stations in its route between Patna Jn and Bilaspur Jn. Passengers use 22844 Patna Bilaspur Weekly Superfast Express to travel mostly from Patna to Tatanagar, Patna to Bilaspur, Patna to Raigarh, Asansol to Bilaspur and Patna to Asansol.

About Patna

The capital city of Bihar, Patna has been the birthplace of the most important kingdoms of India. Not just kingdoms, but also many religions including Buddhism and Jainism have been started in this region. It had an estimated population of 1.68 million in 2011. It is the 19th largest city in India. Patna has multiple railway stations and an Airport named 'Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport' which is 7 km from Patna Jn station. Patna is one of the holiest cities in Sikhism as it has Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb - one of the Five Takhts of Sikhism. The Gurdwara at Patna Sahib is in remembrance of the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. Pathar ki Masjid is also a must visit in Patna it stands on the bank of the river Ganges near Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb. The whole structure is build of stones. Jain pilgrimages also visit Patna mainly for Kamaldah Jain Temple, which is the oldest Jain temple in Patna built in 18th century. Other attractions are Gandhi Maidan, Patna zoo, Buddha Smriti Park. Public transport in patna is provided by buses auto rickshaws and local trains. Bihari cuisine is also very famous across India. Some well known dishes of Bihari cuisine include sattu paratha, chokha, fish curry, Bihari kebab, postaa-dana kaa halwaa, malpua, dal pitha (Bihari version of momos), kheer makhana and thekua/khajuria. Street foods such as Samosa, Chaat, litti chokha, phuchka, South Indian and Chinese cuisine are favourite among people.

About Bilaspur

Bilaspur is the second largest city in Chhatisgarh.The Chhattisgarh State High Court, located at village Bodri, District Bilaspur has privileged it with the title 'Nyayadhani' (Law Capital) of the state. The Bilaspur High Court is the largest High Court of Asia. It is the headquarters for South East Central Railway Zone and the Bilaspur Railway Division. Bilaspur is 3rd cleanest and 4th longest railway station in India. Approximately 20% of the total earnings of Indian railways come from South East Central Railway. Bilaspur is known for its aromatic rice variety named Doobraj rice, handloom woven colourful soft Kosa silk saris. It is well known for its rich, varied and colorful culture. Also famous for its samosas of Nitti and parothas of Chikka. The nearest commercial airport is the Swami Vivekanand International Airport at Raipur, approximately 131 km away.