Chennai Egmore Gaya Weekly SF Express 12390 train route

Pantry Car
Class - 2A 3A SL

Chennai to Gaya Chennai Egmore Gaya Weekly SF Express 12390 train schedule cloud_download

HaltAvg. Delay*DayDistancePlatform
1 Chennai Egmore
( MS )
-N.A1 0 km 1
2 Nellore
( NLR )
N.A1 180 km 2
3 Ongole
( OGL )
N.A1 297 km 1
4 Vijayawada Jn
( BZA )
N.A1 436 km 10
5 Warangal
( WL )
N.A1 642 km 2
6 Balharshah
( BPQ )
N.A1 886 km 5
7 Nagpur
( NGP )
N.A2 1094 km 1
8 Itarsi Jn
( ET )
N.A2 1392 km 6
9 Jabalpur
( JBP )
N.A2 1638 km 2
10 Katni
( KTE )
N.A2 1728 km 2
11 Satna
( STA )
N.A2 1827 km 2
12 Manikpur Jn
( MKP )
N.A2 1904 km 2
13 Prayagraj Allahabad Cheoki Junction
( PCOI )
N.A2 1997 km 1
14 Deendayal Upadhyaya Jn
( DDU )
N.A2 2140 km 1
15 Bhabua Road
( BBU )
N.A2 2195 km 3
16 Sasaram
( SSM )
N.A2 2242 km 3
17 Dehri On Sone
( DOS )
N.A2 2260 km 4
18 Gaya Jn
( GAYA )
-N.A2 2345 km 3
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.
Platform no. is indicative only. Please re-check platform info at the station before boarding train.

Chennai Egmore Gaya Weekly SF Express 12390 route

Chennai Egmore Gaya Weekly SF Express starts from Chennai Egmore (MS) at , reaches Vijayawada Jn (BZA) at , Balharshah (BPQ) at , Nagpur (NGP) at , Itarsi Jn (ET) at , Jabalpur (JBP) at , Deendayal Upadhyaya Jn (DDU) at and Bhabua Road (BBU) at . It arrives at Gaya Jn on second day at . It stops at 16 stations in its route between Chennai Egmore and Gaya Jn. Passengers use 12390 Chennai Egmore Gaya Weekly SF Express to travel mostly from Chennai to Gaya, Chennai to Mughalsarai, Chennai to Dehri On Sone, Nagpur to Gaya and Chennai to Bhabua Road.

About Chennai

The city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu, formely known as Madras, India and the headquarters of the Southern Railway Zone, is a major rail transport hub in the country. Chennai Central Railway Station designed in British colonial style by architect Henry Irwin and also known as the Gateway to the South. It is one of the most important railway hubs in South India and stands as one of the busiest in the nation. The next station to Chennai Central, Basin Bridge Junction, is the railway junction where three different lines meet. Chennai has an international airport Chennai International Airport. It is the fourth busiest airport in India and 47th busiest airport in Asia. Chennai is the land of beautiful temples, and reels in tourists from different corners of the world. There is of course Mahabalipuram (nicknamed Mahabs), which displays Dravidian architecture on monuments, right by the beach side. Kapaleeshwar Temple is a wondrous temple to take a peek into. This Shiva temple was also constructed in the 7th century. Chennai is known for its delicacies: dosas and idlis. A place to get some great tasting South Indian food is the 'Adyar Anand Bhavan,' known for serving pure, delicious vegetarian goodness. To capture the diverse cultures of South India, Chennai has an authentic heritage home called 'Dakshichitra.' There are many cool exhibitions showcasing dance, art, craft activities, and much more. Some of the places to visit in Chennai Vandalur Zoo, Known to be one of Asia's largest open-air zoos, the Besant Nagar Beach, or Elliots Beach, but referred to as 'Bessie' and a mysterious and potentially eerie spot known as the 'Broken Bridge' lies just a bit beyond the beach. Pondy Bazaar and T Nagar are popular bazaar for shopping.

About Gaya

Gaya is a city of ancient historical and mythological significance. It is one of the major tourist attractions of Bihar and the 2nd largest city of Bihar. Gaya is 100 kilometres south of Patna. Situated on the banks of the Phalgu River, it is a place sanctified by the Jain, Hindu, and Buddhist religions. It is surrounded by small rocky hills by three sides and the river flowing on the fourth (eastern) side. The city has a mix of natural surroundings, age old buildings, green areas and narrow bylanes. Situated between Gaya (7 km) and Bodh Gaya (11 km), Gaya Airport(GAY) is the largest (by area) and only operating international airport in Bihar and Jharkhand. Bodh Gaya is of great importance for Budhhists and the Vishal Budhha Mandir is located there. The Great Budhha statue situated here is 64 ft high.