Ranakpur Express 14707 train running status

14707 - Ranakpur Express
Train Name 14707 - Ranakpur Express
Journey Station BIKANER JN(BKN)
Journey Date 20-Feb-2019
Scheduled Arrival Source
Actual Arrival Source
Delay Arrival
Scheduled Departure 20-Feb 09:30
Actual Departure 20-Feb 09:31
Delay Departure Delayed by 1 Min.
Exp. Platform No. 1
Last Location Departed from CHILO(CLO) at 20-Feb 10:58 (78 Kms. ahead)
Upcoming Station (Non-stopping) ALAI (ALAI)
Next Stoppage Station NAGAUR (NGO)

Ranakpur Express 14707 live running status & days of operation

Ranakpur Express (14707) runs from Bikaner Jn (BKN) to Mumbai Bandra Terminus (Mumbai Bandra Terminus). It has classes second ac (2A), third ac (3A), sleeper (SL), second seater (2S). It is not a superfast train and covers a distance of 1212 kms in 24 hr 10 min. This train runs on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun. It has 34 halts. This train runs with an and does not have a pantry car. Final chart for 14707 is prepared usually 3-4 hours before train departure time or a day before if train departs early morning.

Average delay of 14707 Ranakpur Express

Ranakpur Express departs from Bikaner Jn at 09:30 am with an average delay of 1 min 0 min and arrives at at 09:40 am with an average delay of 0 min . The average delay of 14707 is calculated by averaging the actual delay of last 7 days. You can also check PNR status for tickets booked in Ranakpur Express .
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