Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express 11105 train running status

Runs On - Sun
Arrived at Jhansi Jn
Station Scheduled Time Actual Delay
Kolkata Chitpur (KOAA)
0 km (day 1)
8 intermediate stations
4 hr 5 min
Barrackpore (BP)
20 km (day 1)
29 intermediate stations
4 hr 9 min
Barddhaman Jn (BWN)
111 km (day 1)
25 intermediate stations
3 hr 58 min
Asansol Jn (ASN)
217 km (day 1)
5 intermediate stations
4 hr 15 min
Chittaranjan (CRJ)
242 km (day 1)
7 intermediate stations
4 hr 18 min
Madhupur Jn (MDP)
298 km (day 1)
4 intermediate stations
4 hr 20 min
Jasidih Jn (JSME)
327 km (day 1)
7 intermediate stations
4 hr 21 min
Jhajha (JAJ)
371 km (day 1)
14 intermediate stations
3 hr 55 min
Kiul Jn (KIUL)
425 km (day 1)
40 intermediate stations
4 hr 6 min
Patna Jn (PNBE)
548 km (day 1)
13 intermediate stations
3 hr 20 min
Ara (ARA)
597 km (day 1)
18 intermediate stations
3 hr 36 min
Buxar (BXR)
665 km (day 1)
19 intermediate stations
3 hr 28 min
Deendayal Upadhyaya Jn (DDU)
759 km (day 1)
22 intermediate stations
2 hr 37 min
Allahabad Jn (ALD)
912 km (day 2)
29 intermediate stations
3 hr 28 min
Kanpur Central (CNB)
1106 km (day 2)
11 intermediate stations
4 hr 58 min
Pokhrayan (PHN)
1165 km (day 2)
1 intermediate stations
5 hr 17 min
Kalpi (KPI)
1179 km (day 2)
1 intermediate stations
5 hr 30 min
Orai (ORAI)
1213 km (day 2)
4 intermediate stations
5 hr 59 min
Moth (MOTH)
1271 km (day 2)
6 intermediate stations
6 hr 14 min
Jhansi Jn (JHS)
1327 km (day 2)
5 hr 5 min

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Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express 11105 live running status & days of operation

Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express (11105) runs from Kolkata Chitpur (KOAA) to Jhansi Jn (Jhansi Jn). It has classes second ac (2A), third ac (3A), sleeper (SL). It is not a superfast train and covers a distance of 1327 kms in 25 hr 35 min. This train runs on Sun. It has 283 halts. This train runs with an and does not have a pantry car. Final chart for 11105 is prepared usually 3-4 hours before train departure time or a day before if train departs early morning.

Average delay of 11105 Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express

Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express departs from Kolkata Chitpur at 07:25 am with an average delay of No Delay and arrives at at 09:00 am with an average delay of 45 min 0 min. The average delay of 11105 is calculated by averaging the actual delay of last 7 days. You can also check PNR status for tickets booked in Pratham Swatantrata Sangram Express.
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