UMB ( )
Ambala Cant Jn
21 min
SMU ( )
No class available for this train

Ambala to Sambhu train Seat Availability

Train seat availability for all 12 trains that run from Ambala to Sambhu can be found in above table.

Ambala to Sambhu train: Fastest, Slowest, Timely & Most Delayed

The fastest train from Ambala to Sambhu is Ambala Cantt Ludhiana MEMU (64523) which travels a distance of 17 kms in just 19 mints. The slowest train from Ambala to Sambhu is Saharanpur Una Himachal MEMU (64511) which travels a distance of 17 kms in 30 mints. The most punctual train from Ambala to Sambhu is Ambala Cantt. Bathinda Passenger (UnReserved) (54551) which reaches Sambhu with an average delay of just 0 minute. The most delayed train from Ambala to Sambhu is Ambala Cantt. Bathinda Passenger (UnReserved) (54551) which reaches Sambhu with an average delay of over 0 minute.

About Ambala

Ambala is an important city in the state of Haryana. There are many theories surrounding the name and origin of the place. It is believed that the city was founded by Amba Rajput, in the 14th century. Another theory states that the city gets its name from the words, 'Amba Wala', which translates to 'mango village', referring to mango grooves existing in the city. According to a third version, the district is named after a Hindu Goddess, known as 'Bhawani Amba'. After Independence, Ambala Cantonment has been serving as a major base of the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force. It has been a frontline air base for many years and was attacked by Pakistan Air Force in 1965. Ambala Central Jail, is the place where Mahatma Gandhi's assassin, Nathuram Godse, was hanged in November 1949. Ambala is a divisional headquarters of the Northern Railway Zone and is an important railway junction. Ambala Cantt station is among top 100 booking stations of India. Ambala Cantonment railway station is a junction station at the junction of Delhi-Kalka line and Moradabad-Ambala line cum Ambala-Attari line. It is the fifth busiest railway station in India after Kanpur Central, Vijayawada Junction, Delhi Junction and New Delhi in terms of frequency of trains. Ambala Cantt serves most number of Shatabdi Express trains after New Delhi. Nearest airport from Ambala is Chandigarh airport (IXC). Ambala has 1 railway station - Ambala Cant Jn (UMB).
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