Train Schedule of CHANDIGARH EXP 19307

Runs on Thu

CHANDIGARH EXP 19307 time table

Station Arrival
Halt Avg. Delay* Day Distance Platform
1 Indore
( INDB )
0 min
1 0 km 4
2 Dewas
( DWX )
2 min
25 min
1 39 km 1
3 Ujjain Jn
( UJN )
25 min
5 min
1 79 km -
4 Maksi
( MKC )
2 min
0 min
1 121 km -
5 Shajapur
( SFY )
2 min
8 min
1 149 km -
6 Biyavra Rajgarh
( BRRG )
2 min
32 min
1 237 km -
7 Ruthiyai
( RTA )
5 min
30 min
1 314 km 1
8 Guna
( GUNA )
10 min
18 min
1 335 km 2
9 Shivpuri
( SVPI )
5 min
10 min
1 437 km 1
10 Gwalior Jn
( GWL )
8 min
0 min
1 562 km 4
11 Morena
( MRA )
2 min
4 min
1 600 km 3
12 Agra Cantt
( AGC )
5 min
29 min
1 680 km 4
13 Mathura Jn
( MTJ )
5 min
19 min
1 734 km 2
14 Faridabad
( FDB )
2 min
13 min
1 847 km 2
15 Delhi H Nizamuddin
( NZM )
2 min
15 min
2 868 km 3
16 New Delhi
( NDLS )
45 min
10 min
2 875 km 4
17 Panipat Jn
( PNP )
5 min
0 min
2 965 km 3
18 Ambala Cant Jn
( UMB )
10 min
0 min
2 1074 km 6
19 Chandigarh
( CDG )
0 min
2 1119 km 5
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.

Indore to Chandigarh CHANDIGARH EXP 19307 timing

CHANDIGARH EXP (19307) runs from Indore to Chandigarh. It departs from Indore station (INDB) at from platform 4 and arrives at Chandigarh station (CDG) at on platform 5. CHANDIGARH EXP takes 25 hrs 10 mints to cover the distance of 1119 km between Indore and Chandigarh. It is a non-superfast train. The average speed of this train is 44 kmph. It has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL). This train runs on Thursday. Final chart for CHANDIGARH EXP is prepared at Indore usually 3-4 hours before train departure time.

CHANDIGARH EXP 19307 route

CHANDIGARH EXP starts from Indore (INDB) at , reaches Ujjain Jn (UJN) at , Gwalior Jn (GWL) at , Agra Cantt (AGC) at , Mathura Jn (MTJ) at , Delhi H Nizamuddin (NZM) at , New Delhi (NDLS) at and Ambala Cant Jn (UMB) at . It arrives at Chandigarh on second day at . It stops at 17 stations in its route between Indore and Chandigarh. Passengers use 19307 CHANDIGARH EXP to travel mostly from Gwalior to Chandigarh, Agra to Chandigarh, Indore to Chandigarh, Indore to Delhi and Gwalior to Ambala.

CHANDIGARH EXP 19307 coach position

CHANDIGARH EXP runs with an ICF Rake and has a total of 17 coaches. It has 1 second ac coach, 6 sleeper coaches, 2 third ac coaches and 6 second seating unreserved coaches. The engine of the train reverses at Ujjain Jn station. The full coach composition is:


About Indore

Indore, selected as the cleanest city in India in 2017, is a city in Madhya Pradesh. It is known as commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Indore, the city of foodies, offers variety of chats and the wide range of street foods that is enough for a mouthgasm for anyone. Sarafa Bazar which opens at 9pm is a must visit place. Some unique but tasty food items served here are Garadu, Khopra Pattice, Batla Kachori, Bhutte ki kees and the best of north-indian sweets such as malpua, moong daal halwa, rabri, kulfi, kesariya doodh and gulab jamun. Indore is also known for the 7-story Rajwada Palace and the Lal Baag Palace, which date back to Indore's 19th-century Holkar dynasty. East is the Indo-Gothic Gandhi Hall and clock tower. The Jain temple Kanch Mandir has a mirrored mosaic interior. Indore is served by Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, about 8 km from the city. It is the busiest airport in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and also serves as a hub for international cargo. The Indore Junction is an A-1 grade railway station with a revenue of more than Rs. 50 crore. The City Railway Division comes under Ratlam Division of the Western Railways.The Central Museum is filled with medieval Hindu and Jain sculptures. Chokhi Dhani, a re-creation of a Rajasthani village, offers traditional food, plus activities like camel rides and puppet shows. Farther southwest is Patal Pani, a waterfall that roars down from a huge height.

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a city and a union territory in India that serves as the capital of both neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab. The city is not part of either of the two states and is governed directly by the Union Government, which administers all such territories in the country. It was one of the early planned cities in post-independence India and is internationally known for its architecture and urban design. The master plan of the city was prepared by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. There is a superstitious belief that number 13 is unlucky for the city, that is way Chandigarh and Panchkula do not have sector no. 13. Le Corbusier conceptualized Chandigarh as analogous to human body. The 'Head' being Capitol Complex in Sector 1, 'Heart' being City Centre Sector-17, 'Lungs' being the open sapce and greenery, 'Circulatory System' being the 7V's and 'Brain' being the Educational Institutions. Chandigarh's official emblem is the 'Open Hand' which signifies peace and reconciliation. The city got its name from the famous Chandi Mandir Temple, which is now a famous tourist destination. Chandigarh Junction railway station lies in the Northern Railway zone of the Indian Railway network and provide connectivity to all the regions of India and some major Indian cities. Chandigarh has an international airport Chandigarh International Airport. Chandigarh has various visitor attractions including Sukhna Lake, Rock Garden, Rose Garden, Parrot Bird Sanctuary Chandigarh, Leisure Valley, Garden of Fragrance, Garden of Palms, Butterfly Park, Valley of Animals, the Japanese Garden and the Terraced Garden. Several other famous tourist destinations like Pinjore Gardens, Morni Hills, Nada Sahib, Kasauli, ChattBir Zoo lie in its vicinity.