Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express 17020 train schedule

Runs On - M T W T F S S
No Pantry Car
Class - 2A 3A SL

Hyderabad to Jaipur Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express 17020 train schedule cloud_download

Halt Avg. Delay* Day Distance Platform
1 Hyderabad Deccan
( HYB )
1 0 km 6
2 Secunderabad Jn
( SC )
1 9 km 8
3 Malkajgiri
( MJF )
1 13 km 3
4 Medchal
( MED )
1 37 km 2
5 Kamareddi
( KMC )
1 118 km 1
6 Nizamabad
( NZB )
1 170 km 2
7 Basar
( BSX )
1 199 km 1
8 Huzur Sahib Nanded
( NED )
1 281 km 1
9 Purna Jn
( PAU )
1 311 km 1
10 Parbhani Jn
( PBN )
1 340 km 1
11 Jalna
( J )
2 454 km 1
12 Aurangabad
( AWB )
2 517 km 1
13 Nagarsol
( NSL )
2 606 km 1
14 Manmad Jn
( MMR )
N.A 2 628 km 5
15 Jalgaon Jn
( JL )
2 788 km 3
16 Bhusaval Jn
( BSL )
2 813 km 6
17 Burhanpur
( BAU )
2 867 km 2
18 Khandwa
( KNW )
N.A 2 936 km 2
19 Harda
( HD )
2 1044 km 2
20 Itarsi Jn
( ET )
2 1120 km 2
21 Bhopal Jn
( BPL )
2 1211 km 2
22 Ujjain Jn
( UJN )
2 1395 km 4
23 Nagda Jn
( NAD )
2 1450 km 3
24 Ratlam Jn
( RTM )
2 1492 km 6
25 Mandasor
( MDS )
2 1576 km 1
26 Nimach
( NMH )
2 1625 km 2
27 Chittaurgarh
( COR )
2 1681 km 1
28 Bhilwara
( BHL )
3 1735 km 1
29 Bijainagar
( BJNR )
N.A 3 1802 km 1
30 Ajmer Jn
( AII )
N.A 3 1867 km 2
31 Kishangarh
( KSG )
N.A 3 1892 km 1
32 Phulera Jn
( FL )
N.A 3 1947 km 3,4
33 Kanakpura
( KKU )
N.A 3 1993 km 2
34 Jaipur
( JP )
- N.A 3 2002 km 4
*Note: Average delay is average of delays calculated over previous 7 days.
Platform no. is indicative only. Please re-check platform info at the station before boarding train.

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Hyderabad to Jaipur Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express 17020 timing

Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express (17020) runs from Hyderabad to Jaipur. It departs from Hyderabad Deccan station (HYB) at from platform 6 and arrives at Jaipur station (JP) at on platform 4. Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express takes 39 hrs 10 mints to cover the distance of 2001 km between Hyderabad and Jaipur. It is a non-superfast train. The average speed of this train is 51 kmph. It has classes Second AC (2A), Third AC (3A) and Sleeper (SL). This train runs on Saturday. Final chart for Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express is prepared at Hyderabad usually 3-4 hours before train departure time.

Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express 17020 route

Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express starts from Hyderabad Deccan (HYB) at , reaches Secunderabad Jn (SC) at , Huzur Sahib Nanded (NED) at , Nagarsol (NSL) at , Manmad Jn (MMR) at , Bhusaval Jn (BSL) at , Bhopal Jn (BPL) at and Ajmer Jn (AII) at . It arrives at Jaipur on third day at . It stops at 32 stations in its route between Hyderabad Deccan and Jaipur. Passengers use 17020 Hyderabad Jaipur Weekly Express to travel mostly from Hyderabad to Ajmer, Nizamabad to Ajmer, Hyderabad to Jaipur and Jalna to Ajmer.

About Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana state which was formerly a part of Andhra Pradesh. It lies on the banks of Musi river. This place has a very interesting history. Before independence, when all of India was being ruled by British, this place was ruled by Nizams. Even after independence, the Nizams wanted to keep Hyderabad state independent rather than making it part of India. India had to invade this place with the help of army to take its full control. It was also known as City of Pearls in 18th century when it was famous trading center for diamonds. Telugu is the most spoken language in Hyderabad. Telugu film industry in Hyderabad known as Tollywood produces the second largest number of films in India after Bollywood. Popular tourist attractions in Hyderabad are Ramoji film city, Charminar, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma palace and Salar Jung museum. Hyderabad is a famous for Biryani so much so that one rarely hears the word Biryani without prefixing it with Hyderabadi. Mughalai food is also quite popular here. Rajiv Gandhi Airport in Hyderabad is an international airport and has daily flights not only to all major airports of India but also to nearby south asian countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

About Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital and the largest city of Rajasthan. It is the 10th most populous city in the country. Jaipur is called the Pink City because of the fact that the major structures and buildings of Jaipur are made from the specific pink color stones that embellishes the whole city with the signature pink color. Jaipur is the true representative of the traditions and culture of Indians. It is cultural lively city that has the combination of the true blend of traditional and modern colors. The Rajasthani music is still traditional and is rich in the flavor of Sufism. These folk music suits the needs and the moods of every person at every time. The people of Jaipur are the courteous hosts that meet and greet their guests with their majestic courtesy. They have been proved to be the best host even since the times of royal kings. They are famous for their true affection and compassion. The women of the Rajasthan and especially from the tribes of the Jaipur wear the traditional vibrant colored Ghagra and Choli that are the long skirts with the short blouses. These Ghagra and Choli represent the rich typical tradition of Rajasthan. There are many attractions in Jaipur for tourists like Birla mandir, Amer fort, Jantar Mantar, Digamber Jain temple of Sanghiji and JalMahal. Another major tourist attraction is Chokhi Dhani, which is a Rajasthani ethnic village themed resort & restaurant. The place homes a small village with a mix of activities like Camel riding, Maze, Palm reading, Magic Shows, Rajasthani dances and a typical Rajasthani dinner. About transport Jaipur is the headquarters of North Western Zone of Indian Railways. Jaipur International Airport is in Sanganer, 10 km from the centre. The airport operates for only domestic services.
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