KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU 66535 train running status

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Station Scheduled Time Actual Delay
Bengaluru City Jn (SBC)
0 km (day 1)
10 min
Krishnadevaraya Halt (KNDV)
5 km (day 1)
10 min
Nayandahalli (NYH)
7 km (day 1)
2 min
Jnana Bharati Halt (GNB)
9 km (day 1)
2 min
Kengeri (KGI)
12 km (day 1)
10 min
Hejjala (HJL)
23 km (day 1)
10 min
Bidadi (BID)
30 km (day 1)
14 min
Ketohalli (KHLL)
37 km (day 1)
14 min
Ramanagaram (RMGM)
44 km (day 1)
8 min

KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU 66535 live running status & days of operation

KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU (66535) runs from Bengaluru City Jn (SBC) to Ramanagaram (Ramanagaram). It has classes undefined (NULL). It is not a superfast train and covers a distance of 44 kms in 1 hr 0 min. This train runs on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat. It has 9 halts. This train runs with an and does not have a pantry car. Final chart for 66535 is prepared usually 3-4 hours before train departure time or a day before if train departs early morning.

Average delay of 66535 KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU

KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU departs from Bengaluru City Jn at 05:00 am with an average delay of No Delay and arrives at at 06:00 am with an average delay of No Delay . The average delay of 66535 is calculated by averaging the actual delay of last 7 days. You can also check PNR status for tickets booked in KSR Bengaluru Ramanagaram MEMU.