FAQs on COVID-19

What are the coronavirus symptoms?

Coronavirus symptoms differ from person to person, however the main coronavirus symptoms are fever, cough, difficulty in breathing and nausea. Many people are coronavirus asymptomatic meaning they do not show any covid19 symptoms initially and thus are hard to determine if they have it or not

Is it true that coronavirus disease only happens to elderly people and children?

No, coronavirus can happen to anyone irrespective of their age. However, recent studies have shown that coronavirus is more prone to elderly people and children. So they might catch it easily while young people are expected to have a better immune system which might help them to fight coronavirus.

When will the coronavirus vaccine be available for citizens?

Number of labs around the globe are working on coronavirus vaccine. Till now no country has claimed to have developed a coronavirus vaccine successfully but are doing rounds of tests on animals and humans before they get successful in developing this covid19 vaccine. As soon as coronavirus medicine would be available in the form of a vaccine everything would be in place.

What is the coronavirus mortality rate?

According to WHO (World Health Organisation) the mortality rate due to coronavirus is estimated to be approximately 3.4% globally. The mortality rate in India can be seen in the card at the top of the page with the heading "TOTAL DEATHS"

What measures are to be taken to keep safe from Coronavirus?

The one and foremost important measure to be taken to stay safe from covid is social distancing. The more you stay home, the more you would be safe and would not be exposed to this deadly pandemic.

What is the economic impact due to coronavirus worldwide?

Covid19 will have a severe impact on the economy worldwide. It is estimated that the global economy would shrink by almost 1% due to coronavirus pandemic.Hence coronavirus effects are too bad not just in terms of your health but also in terms of the growth.

Which is the most useful covid19 app in India?

The Aarogya Setu app launched by the government of India is very helpful in tracking the covid cases around you and knowing everything about it. It uses GPS and Bluetooth to track any active coronavirus case around you thus keeping you safe

Will coronavirus ever end?

Well the answer to this question depends largely on two things- one is how early we can have a vaccine for coronavirus with adequate quantities. Secondly which is not very likely is when each individual develops resistance to the novel coronavirus. Nations are thus focussing on decreasing the number of coronavirus cases as much as possible so that with limited number of cases, it can be taken care of.

What is the coronavirus state wise update in India?

Total number of coronavirus India cases can be seen at the top of the page under the card “TOTAL CASES”. The cases are growing rapidly. Out of all the states in India, Maharashtra has been worst hit by the coronavirus out of which maximum coronavirus cases are in Mumbai.

Is it true that coronavirus will end in summer?

There are no confirmed reports till date which suggests that coronavirus will end in summer.

Will lockdown extend in India?

Government of India announced lockdown till June 30st, 2020. They have not released any further announcement in regards to the extension of lockdown. However, the lockdown seems to be the best solution given the situation right now. Hence everyone should abide by the rules and stay home.